Dawn of the Realms Chapter 1


Hello, before your journey begins let me introduce myself. I’m the narrator. This is a universe separate from your own. In fact, it hasn’t even started yet.  Don’t you feel old as fuck? I won’t tell a soul. Anyways let us begin.

Everything was Black. Everything was still. There is humming from the quiet vibration of the still black. This space seems to go on and on. Far and wide.  Deep within the center is a different hum. A song. ” What Am I.” Sung like air throughout the atmosphere.  As eternity moves forward the song changes to a passionate ” I am!”  A massive spark fills the universe exploding endlessly in a slow dance of neon flames…

The supernova lasted for what you could say 1 billion years.  Multi-colored auras sway all over the universe in the aftermath. In the center deep with-in space sleeps a being with the body of an ether star.  It has a pointy head; arms and legs floating about.

It opens its gold eyes for the 1st time gazing upon the universe. ” The Universe you say?”  You can hear me?  “Yes, in my dreams as well. You’re the narrator.”  Um yeah, you shouldn’t be able to hear me though.  ” I don’t understand.”  Just excuse me for a second. I grab my universal remote muting myself. Okay, Now only you can hear me.  ” Hello narrator, are you there?” The being pouts.   It floats and floats gazing at the ever-changing aura painting the atmosphere.  ” I grow tired.” It says closing its gold eyes.

It dreams of a Golden Palace. It dreams that it is an Ether man with a silver beard and golden armor. It believes the dream is true. It sleeps for as long as it can. Never waking up. 100 Million years or so past. He wakes up truly in this Golden Palace he dreamed of. A realm that sits above the universe. He is the man he believes he is.  A massively tall man with ether muscular skin. A silver beard covering his wrinkled face. He is dressed in neon gold armor that radiates throughout the universe as the only star. Sitting on his throne that oversees the universe. ” I am Elomni. I am The 1st Star. ” He states over and over out loud.  ” This is Celestria. This is a divine realm. He states over and over yelling out into the universe.  The universe vibrates with more vitality.  Elomni closes his eyes silencing his mind.  After a million years of deep trance, he awakens to see two new beings sleeping on the edge of Celestia.  A being made of solar energy and the other made of stars.  The solar being awakens squinting at the shine off Elomni’s armor.  The solar being approaches Elomni who towers over them.  ” I am Elomni, The 1st Star. What are you?”  He asks.  ” I don’t know. ”  The solar being responds.  ” Sit by me, meditate to find your self.”  He explains.  The solar being sits next to Elomni closing their eyes. They fall into a deep dream.

A tropical realm of clear blue oceans. Volcanoes and coastal islands. She awakens deep inside a volcano a woman with red skin. Curly orange hair. Solar armor on her body.  She leaps into the warm air creating a solar flare seen throughout this world. She lands on an island with a powerful thud making a mushroom cloud of smoke.

Standing in a large crater she is surrounded by an army of bronze skin people with red hair dressed in leather armor aiming spears at her neck.

” I dreamed of you people, You are more beautiful in person.” She sobs.

The tribal soldiers drop their spears bowing in front of her.

” You are the Goddess, that would restore the light in the sky.” Says one on the soldiers.

” What are you talking about?” She asks.

The soldier stands reluctantly before her.

” The eldest one has had visions of your return. The light in the sky fades. Our crops are growing slow. Our people are starving. It is said the Great Elra will bring sunshine to Eden. ” He explains.

” I must be Elra that the eldest one spoke of, huh? ” She says.  The soldier nods.

Elra hovers up into the sky near the faded sun.  She places her hands into to the sun. It starts to shine brighter.  Crops rapidly grow over empty farmlands filling them with vegetables and flowers.

Elra lands softly in the village where the elder one lives. She is greeted by cheers and awes from the onlooking village peoples. There is a large red clay statute of Elra in the center of the village. A crowd of people gathers around touching her while crying.  ” Give her room.” A mature woman’s voice shouts.

The crowd backs off revealing a bronze-skinned woman dressed in a white cloth dress. She has long red frizzy hair.  Elra approaches this woman. ” Who might you be? ” She asks. ” I’m Inola, daughter of the elder one.”  Inola greets. They hug.  “Where is the elder one, I must speak with him?” Elra pleads.  Inola is silent.

Elra looks into Inola’s dejected eyes.  “He passed just now. You lost your mother two years ago, ” Elra hugs Inola again.

” You must lead them, you will be their queen,” Elra says.  The village people bow before Elra and Inola.

For the next 100 years in this realm Eden.  Elra teaches the Raan people how to summon the solar energy increasing vitality. This starts their religion Festival.  Inola leads as Queen marrying Oscar Radar having many grandchildren that success them in royalty. Elra’s fleshly body can’t fight old age.  She passes away in the center of Eden’s ocean.  A grand celebration called Easter celebrated for the passing of their goddess Elra.

She awakens back on Celestria sitting on her throne next to Elomni who smiles out into the universe.

” I am Elra, I am the light. ” She shouts out into space.  The souls of departed Raan people sit at her feet.  Eden can be found just below Celestria through a wormhole. The universe is now full of suns moving in space

More Aeons past, finally the sleeping being made of stars awaken. It is in awe of Elomni and Elra two massive beings sitting on their thrones. Elra’s throne made of diamonds mixed with red marble.

Elra dashes from her throne blasting the star being with a colossus solar flare from her hands. VLOOOM! The being is turned to dust.  ” Hahahhaha!”  Elra laughs throughout the universe.

The dust slowly starts to regenerate forming the star being.   “So You survived, hmm. You are worthy then.” Elra sasses.


She starts stomping to her glistening throne.  ” Come, child, you have much to learn,” she yells.  The star being hovering quickly behind.

Sitting at her throne Elra points at the star being.  ” Who is thyself?”  She asks.

The star being pounders.  ” All I know is that I am here. ”  It states.   Elra grins.  “Meditate with us to find yourself,” she says.  The star being radiates changing colors rapidly.

A realm of endless jungles. Swamps and Orange rivers. Purple skies with many moons. Citys of high technology. Hover cars whizzing by. Spaceships leaving the atmosphere. Blue-skinned people dressed in metallic clothing flourishing throughout this dream.

He wakes up in a medical bed with I.Vs stuck in his silver arms. Dressed in a patient gown he sees many blue faces with yellow hairstyles. A group of Blue doctors smiles at the Silver patient.   “How do you feel, Sir?”  A mature blue man says with a yellow scruffy beard standing in front of the group.

”  I feel, actually well rested.” The silver man says.  ” Great, so we can say that the beta test was a success.” The mature man says. “Moving along. ” He says again.  The group walks out of the room.

The silver man lays in his bed lethargically.

A blue man and woman with yellow ponytails enter the room eager to greet the silver man. Both are dressed in metallic cloaks.  “Hello, Sir!”  The blue man greets.

“… Hi,”  The silver man yawns.

” Bet you’re wondering where you are and who we are, huh? ” The blue woman asks.

” No, not really, just relaxing right now.”  The silver man says lowering his eyelids.

The two blue people look at each other.

“Well, it is foretold by our earlier ancestors that a great star would fall to Galatos.”  Explains the man.

” The great Elstar, You. Would vanquish the evil that haunts our deepest jungle.” Explains the woman.

Elstar just lays in bed eyes getting lower.

” Please, Elstar, you must help the Starnin people we are your children! ” The man pleads.

Elstar falls asleep.

He dreams of walking with them named Karan and Karen. They tell him that since their people’s evolution they understood the universe. They understood they are lesser beings mentally projected from greater minds.  The ancestors were eccentric only speaking in mathematics.  Later they would develop language and writing. With reason and observation, they gathered countless data of Galatos. They have an organic technology that allows you to be one with the planet realm. That’s what the most prestigious scientist call Galatos.  A planet realm. They have even gathered data on the universe learning to generate stars. They have created travel portals to and from Eden.  Eden is now a high tech realm with social media.

However, an evil plagues the deepest jungle. With a Star clustered bow and arrows Elstar sets off into the jungle. The creatures there are hostile at first. Elstar sends a calm vibration throughout the land by hacking into the lands mainframe rewriting the algorithm. Daggerdails are the main predator in these jungles. They have color changing scales on their thick bodies. They walk low to the ground on all fours. A sharp pointy head makes them skilled assassins. They back off Elstar who can see their heat signatures anyways.

Deep in the jungle, the plants seem to have a strong glowing hue around them.  A slow-moving wormhole hovers in the center of this glowing jungle.

Elstar enters the wormhole with bow and arrow aimed.

He is transported to a  darken realm that has no grounds. Melted clocks oozing to nowhere below and above. Countless Moons rotating forever in the distance.

Suddenly nude pale white skinned people leap into the air from behind a moon with glowing purple eyes.  Hundreds maybe thousands of them hurtle at Elstar who sends a flock of star arrows into the white skinned people incinerating some.  A woman made of craters dashes tackling Elstar into a moon…  This battle goes on destroying many moons.

” Are you with the Starnin thieves that take my resources?”  Asks the crater woman tossing a moon boulder at Elstar.

” No, I was just exploring,” Elstar says blasting the boulder to dust with a star bow.

” The Starnin people are afraid of you. ” Elstar explains.

The crater woman sends telepathic signals to the white skinned people in pursuit of Elstar to stop attacking him.

” Who is thy self?” Elstar asks.

” I’m Elmoon, goddess of the night. These are my people Norm. This is the realm Noon.” She says standing before all of her people on looking a crowd of Starnin people.

For a thousand years, The Norm and Starnin people coexist with the Raan throughout each dream realm. Noon is now a place of meditation and Hotel resorts.  Elstar and Elmoon finally pass from these realms. No religons were created by Norm or Starnin people. They both take to science and reason.


Elstar awakes sitting on his throne of star clusters. Next to him is Elmoon sitting on her throne made of moonstones.  The universe is full of stars, suns, moons, everchanging auras and dust.

Elomni gets off his throne.  He Squints.

” A portal?”  He shouts.

” To where?” Elmoon asks.

” I will find out.” Elomni smiles as he dashes away 100 million light years away to a portal at the edge of the universe.

Elomni gets to the portal instanty transported to a forest with hard jolly candies growing off trees. Fine grass buds growing in the ground. Piles of soft sugar scattered about.  The sky is dark with the ominous glow of the full moon hiding behind trees.

“Ahh!’ A bloody scream.   Elomni sees cute bunnies and cartoon characters being mauled to death by werewolves. Strawberry blood soaks the gingerbread ground.

” What the heck is this place?” Elomni questions out loud.

He is but seven feet tall.  A giant still in this realm.  ” Aw, Narrator so this is your domain.”

Shit, you can hear me again.  “Yes, your voice is glorious! ”

I grab my 4th-dimensional remote muting myself.

“Narrator?!” Elomni cries.  A four-foot woman with peach glittery skin and dragonfly wings flaps next to Elomni.

” You have the power to stop this,” she says. Then she giggles.

” Why don’t you stop it? You seem powerful.” Elomni suggests.

” The pain of being eaten alive!” Someone screams.

” I’m not powerful.  I’m cute.” The glittery woman says.

Elomni’s face is blank.

He meditates for two seconds. The Full moon is replaced with a smiling sun. The werewolves retreat to the deep woods holding laughter, sleeping seems to help.

The wounded cute creatures and cartoon characters are healed.

” What is this realm?” Elomni asks the glittery woman.

” This is the realm of all imagination.” She explains with jazz hands.

“Well, the sunrise will only last 13 days here. Then the full moon will be back along with those monsters. The full moon will only last 2 days” Elomni states.

” Thank you, kind sir. What is a day?” The glittery woman ponders.

” Don’t worry about it. What are you by the way?” Elomni asks.

” I’m a fairy.” She giggles.

Elomni walks into the forest. He ends up lost in many different realms. All apart of this imagination realm. Realms of endless, sex, fame, pleasure and superpowers. Elomni has done it all here. Even started a profitable cubical business. He’s having tremendous fun. However, he knows this is not where he was going.

Through a portal is hidden in the imagination realm. It leads to a second universe an exact replica of Elomni’s universe.

The only difference is there are planets… Existence is more solid making thoughts move slower.

There is a being that surfs the cosmos on an asteroid. This being has the large head of a baby with the body of a muscular man. He has armor on his body made of broken space rocks.

He knows his name. Elgo, telling every creature he came across on planets with carbon based life. No conscious beings exist in this universe but Elgo.

A being made of dirt that never awaken on Celestria.

Elgo has the ability to generate organic life.

He has started 1 billion planets with organic organisms that have evolved into plants, animals, marine life, dragons and dinosaurs throughout this second universe.

Elgo thinks he is the only conscious being in his universe.

Floating throughout are ghastly beings that look like mini-universes. They inhabit planets possessing the elements giving them walking life.

Elgo surfs from planet to planet trying to get these beings to worship him. The trees, grass, and mountains just laugh at him on various planets.

Elgo tries to name these ghastly beings but they only go by Nephilim.

Even called by that name the Nephilim will ignore Elgo. For countless aeons, the second universe flourishes with organic life evolving on planets that have inhabitable environments.

Elomni finally gets out of the of the imagination realm.

For the 1st time, he shivers. For the 1st time, he feels the heat off of stars and suns. For the 1st  time, he’s alive.


He sees a beautiful universe of bright clusters. Elomni is amazed by seeing solar systems that help sustain living organisms on planets.


Elgo is surfing near planets bumping some into a different solar system. He glides flipping.  Elomni hovers with his arms crossed watching Elgo mess up his universe knocking stuff out of place.

Elomni laughs uncontrollably.  Elgo notices Elomni in hysterics.  Elgo zips to Elomni.

” Hey, you’re another conscious being like me.” Elgo greets.

Elomni wipes gold tears from his eyes.   ” This is a great universe you have here,” Elomni complements.


” Hey thank you, Do you want to battle test our powers,” Elgo suggests.


“Battle, you say?”  Elomni asks.

” Yes let’s go to that rocky planet over there,” Elgo says as he zips away.

Elomni slowly follows behind.


Elgo smashes onto gravelly land with a powerful thud making a crater 100 feet wide.

Elomni gently lands a few feet across from Elgo.

Elomni takes a breath.

” So this is life.” He says.


” You ready, I’ll start off with a warm-up exercise,” Elgo shouts.


Elomni crosses his arms.


Elgo digs his hands into the ground pulling up a massive moon size boulder.


His muscles plusate making his vains defined.

Elgo tosses the boulder with velocity at Elomni.

In that very second of impact. Elomni points his finger at the incoming boulder. It bursts into sand.


A rain of sand falls over Elgo.


” Okay, Okay. Not too shabby.” Elgo boasts.


” Now let’s see your skills,” Elgo says as he dashes towards Elomni.


Elgo swings, Elomni is gone. Elgo turns around to see Elomni 20 feet away on a hill smirking.

Elgo dashes. Elomni disappears. They play this game of battle tag for 700 years.  Elgo floats face down on a river while Elomni stands on the surface.

” This universe is finite. My powers grow thin here quickly.” Elomni states.


” This universe, you say that likes there is another universe. ” Elgo grumbles.


” Yes, Celestria is the 1st universe. Now it feels like only a dream.” Elomni states.


Elgo stands up.


” The 1st universe?! ” Elgo shouts.

Elomni faces Elgo.


” Look into my eyes,”  Elomni says.


Elgo looks deep.


He sees the neon supernova-then Celestria, Eden, Galatos, Noon and the 1st universe forming. He sees the imagination realm… He sees himself alseep, back on Celestria. He sees his universe…


” Noooo, way.” Elgo recats.


A herd of oak trees surrounds Elomni and Elgo.

” Have trees evolved since our battle? ” Elomni asks.

” No, those are just annoying, Nephilim!” Elgo explains.


” So they are trees or Nephilim?” Elomni asks again.

” Those are trees, that are possessed by Nephilim,” Elgo explains.


” Okay, so what are Nephilim?” Elomni asks.


” We are you… We are the universe.” A grummbly tree says.

As all the trees bow before Elgo and Elomni.

” You ever get that feeling you’re being watched?” Elgo asked.


“Yes, did feel that a lot when I got to this universe.” Elomni ponders.


“That’s a Nephilim watching you,” Elgo says.


” Ohhhhh.” Elomni reacts.


Elomni befriends the Nephilim. He calls some of them Buddy. A name the Nephilim will never forget.

Elomni teaches Elgo to meditate. After a 1000 years of training.  Elgo still can’t meditate. He only dreams vaguely of the higher realms. Being used by its people for tasks and sex.

He never remembers what happens. Elomni lives on this planet with Elgo for 7543 years before dying.


Elgo had Elomni’s body burned to ashes he spread across his universe.

He continues his surfing causing chaos but fines time to sit meditating until he fails falling asleep…  He awakens in a Jolly Forest with cute cuddly creatures, fairies, giant mushrooms, and happy theme music being played some where.

Elgo has lucid dreamed.

He continues his surfing, creating chaos. He notices black holes opening in his universe. He doesn’t investigate much into what they are. Elgo only wants to lucid dream hoping to find Celestria.



Dreams Realms


~ The Heaven With-In ~

Elomni is the 1st thought form to be conscious of its self.  Being aware of the inner voice telling him to awaken. Elomni wakes up as a young boy made of either light in a realm of pure golden light. He can hear the inner voice and he creates a Golden palace from just his thoughts. Celestia is born.  Elomni mediates in Celestia for billions of years. Elomni becomes a mature ether man with shiny silver hair and scruffy beard. He comes from his mediation seeing two young being sleeping. A young girl made of fire and a young boy made of stars.



~ The Will is fire that always burns~

Elra waking up in Celestia to see the massive being Elomni who taught her how to create with her thoughts. She sat with Elomni and mediated for billion years. She awakens  a mature red fire woman with orange hair. She is in a dream world of sunshine beautiful crystal clear waters and tropical islands.  There she is welcomed by tribal people with bronze skin and orange hair. They worship as Goddess and she blessed them the grace over all fire.

The dream world is Eden. The people are called The Raan. 



Waking up after Elra he would see them as massive being in deep meditation. Elra attacks Elstar incinerating him. he just regenerates back to form.  Elra teaches him how to use his thoughts to create. He too mediates for billion years.  he wakes up in strange jungle dream world with purple skies and orange rivers. He greeted by blue-skinned people that seem to have advanced science. They worship as an idol. he blessed them with foresight and power over the stars. This dream world is Galatos and the people are Starnin.


The Cosmos would be created by Elstar and Starnin technology



waking up in Galatos Elmoon is a woman made of asteroids. for 1000 years she attacks and torments the Starnin people for trying to cultivate her resting place underground. The people consider her an evil god and send telepathic signals to Elstar. Elstar confronts Elmoon. after a 10year brawl..Elmon confess that she didn’t that they needed the mineral compound in her resting stop to further make remedies for healing  Elmoon make peace with Startnin who still fear her. She is taken to Clessitra by Elstar.. she mediates.. she wakes up in a world of endless moons and melted clocks.  She greeted a by pale white people with purple eyes. They are dressed in metallic suits. the just mediate. and speak telepathically.   The people are Norm, and this dream world is Noon 


These people have great psychic powers and control of dreams.

The Five Gods


Universe: Panora Universe

Once everything was still. Everything was one. A black star emerged from a massive cosmic explosion.The star awakens in its dream he named Celestria. A realm of cosmic galaxies with many beings and dream realms.Hovering over this grand universe is a-massive golden palace where he sits at his throne in golden armor. However for ever and on and on Elomni has to deal with his Wife Pandora known to many beings as the Nemesis. For eons she threatens to absorb all existent succeeding most of the time. Elomni often reawakens creating Celestria again. One battle with a Lion headed Titan shattered Pandora’s infinite crystal scattering it across the universe.

After that battle Elomni was put into a cosmic coma. He awakes in Celestria to find it over run by daemons and beings from a different universe. With the aid of some pissed off Dark Angels, Elomni creates order with Wrath. The three Gods Elra, Elmoon, and Elstar Help keep the order with the aid of angels. Pandora Sleeps at the bottom of the realm known as solitude. He now wares a shard of her infinite crystal in his crown. He hopes this reality will last.



Universe: Panora Universe

The Second God to waken on Celestria. Once a majestic ball of solar energy. She awakens in a dream realm named Eden. A hot tropical volcanic island world with clear blue oceans you can see to the bottom. She becomes a red skinned woman with orange hair wearing Solar battle armor. She lives with the Raan people for 1000 years before passing a old woman. Awaking on Celestria she teaches her sister and brother; Elmoon and Elstar the power of meditation. They too create dreamworlds that they must defend from the Nemesis.

Fighting with her People  known as Raan against the relentless hordes of werewolves. The Nemesis defeats Elra with no effort.

Awaking to a new Celestria with everything restored. Thanks to a Titan Eden is safe. Elra trains extremely hard to never be defeated so easily. She goes to worlds to challenge their greatest warriors. She has never lost to anyone.


Universe: Panora Universe

The 3rd God to awaken on Celestria. Once a array of stars that is guided by Elra to meditation. He awakens on a dream world name Galatos. A world of purple skies and orange rivers.  The blue skinned Starnin people with yellow hair are Technologically sound. They build stars and have data of everything known in the universe. Elstar helps the Starnin people confront a witch that is taking people deep into the swamp.

He gets to a portal that transports him to another dream realm. A realm of endless; moons, melted clocks and stairways.  He battles a moon rock woman and some pale nude people with glowing purple eyes for several days.

Elstar conveys that the Starnin people fear her. She explains that the people she took are now the Norm people with purple eyes.

They all co-exist and fought side by side vs the Nemesis and hordes of werewolves.

The war was a blur, he wakes to a new Celestria. Now studying what they can from black holes and unicorns.



Universe: Panora Universe

The Fourth God to awaken on Clestria. Before she would awaken falling in a realm of endless moons and melting clocks. Alone for Eons. Some Starnin explores would stumble upon a worm hole that leads to this mysterious realm. They are lost and once transported they forget completely who they are. As meteor rock woman she teaches the lost Starnin people who to use telepathic abilities. The Starnin people soon lose their hair. Their skin becomes pale. Their eye a glowing purple. They meditate fending off Starnin Soldiers searching for lost Startnin people. They that soon become what Elmoon named Norm. For years the Starnin are plagued by the disappearance of of many to the witch of the deepest forest.

Once Elstar meets his sister Elmoon. The Starnin and Norm people coexist fighting side by side vs the Werewolf hordes and the Nemesis.

Elmoon Has Left Her Realm Noon to understand true love.


Universe: Panora Universe

Not a Realm, but a more dense replica of the 1st universe Clestria. A Buff Baby headed man with Meteor rock armor is the creator of this universe creating chaos as he surfs comets knocking planets out of orbit. Meeting and playing battle Tag with Elomni for about 7,000 years. Learning about Clestria from Elonmi before he dies.

Bothered by Nephilim while he tries to lucid dream to Clestria. They inform him about black holes in the universe. A new Being emerges from a black hole after a cosmic storm.

Claiming to be the one true God  the Nephilim and Elgo do battle with this Nemesis but are no Match. Escaping into his lucid dreaming he is greeted by Elstar, Elra and Elmoon. They explain that Elgo must find a Titan to defeat The Nemesis.