The Five Gods


Universe: Panora Universe

Once everything was still. Everything was one. A black star emerged from a massive cosmic explosion.The star awakens in its dream he named Celestria. A realm of cosmic galaxies with many beings and dream realms.Hovering over this grand universe is a-massive golden palace where he sits at his throne in golden armor. However for ever and on and on Elomni has to deal with his Wife Pandora known to many beings as the Nemesis. For eons she threatens to absorb all existent succeeding most of the time. Elomni often reawakens creating Celestria again. One battle with a Lion headed Titan shattered Pandora’s infinite crystal scattering it across the universe.

After that battle Elomni was put into a cosmic coma. He awakes in Celestria to find it over run by daemons and beings from a different universe. With the aid of some pissed off Dark Angels, Elomni creates order with Wrath. The three Gods Elra, Elmoon, and Elstar Help keep the order with the aid of angels. Pandora Sleeps at the bottom of the realm known as solitude. He now wares a shard of her infinite crystal in his crown. He hopes this reality will last.



Universe: Panora Universe

The Second God to waken on Celestria. Once a majestic ball of solar energy. She awakens in a dream realm named Eden. A hot tropical volcanic island world with clear blue oceans you can see to the bottom. She becomes a red skinned woman with orange hair wearing Solar battle armor. She lives with the Raan people for 1000 years before passing a old woman. Awaking on Celestria she teaches her sister and brother; Elmoon and Elstar the power of meditation. They too create dreamworlds that they must defend from the Nemesis.

Fighting with her People  known as Raan against the relentless hordes of werewolves. The Nemesis defeats Elra with no effort.

Awaking to a new Celestria with everything restored. Thanks to a Titan Eden is safe. Elra trains extremely hard to never be defeated so easily. She goes to worlds to challenge their greatest warriors. She has never lost to anyone.


Universe: Panora Universe

The 3rd God to awaken on Celestria. Once a array of stars that is guided by Elra to meditation. He awakens on a dream world name Galatos. A world of purple skies and orange rivers.  The blue skinned Starnin people with yellow hair are Technologically sound. They build stars and have data of everything known in the universe. Elstar helps the Starnin people confront a witch that is taking people deep into the swamp.

He gets to a portal that transports him to another dream realm. A realm of endless; moons, melted clocks and stairways.  He battles a moon rock woman and some pale nude people with glowing purple eyes for several days.

Elstar conveys that the Starnin people fear her. She explains that the people she took are now the Norm people with purple eyes.

They all co-exist and fought side by side vs the Nemesis and hordes of werewolves.

The war was a blur, he wakes to a new Celestria. Now studying what they can from black holes and unicorns.



Universe: Panora Universe

The Fourth God to awaken on Clestria. Before she would awaken falling in a realm of endless moons and melting clocks. Alone for Eons. Some Starnin explores would stumble upon a worm hole that leads to this mysterious realm. They are lost and once transported they forget completely who they are. As meteor rock woman she teaches the lost Starnin people who to use telepathic abilities. The Starnin people soon lose their hair. Their skin becomes pale. Their eye a glowing purple. They meditate fending off Starnin Soldiers searching for lost Startnin people. They that soon become what Elmoon named Norm. For years the Starnin are plagued by the disappearance of of many to the witch of the deepest forest.

Once Elstar meets his sister Elmoon. The Starnin and Norm people coexist fighting side by side vs the Werewolf hordes and the Nemesis.

Elmoon Has Left Her Realm Noon to understand true love.


Universe: Panora Universe

Not a Realm, but a more dense replica of the 1st universe Clestria. A Buff Baby headed man with Meteor rock armor is the creator of this universe creating chaos as he surfs comets knocking planets out of orbit. Meeting and playing battle Tag with Elomni for about 7,000 years. Learning about Clestria from Elonmi before he dies.

Bothered by Nephilim while he tries to lucid dream to Clestria. They inform him about black holes in the universe. A new Being emerges from a black hole after a cosmic storm.

Claiming to be the one true God  the Nephilim and Elgo do battle with this Nemesis but are no Match. Escaping into his lucid dreaming he is greeted by Elstar, Elra and Elmoon. They explain that Elgo must find a Titan to defeat The Nemesis.












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