Dreams Realms


~ The Heaven With-In ~

Elomni is the 1st thought form to be conscious of its self.  Being aware of the inner voice telling him to awaken. Elomni wakes up as a young boy made of either light in a realm of pure golden light. He can hear the inner voice and he creates a Golden palace from just his thoughts. Celestia is born.  Elomni mediates in Celestia for billions of years. Elomni becomes a mature ether man with shiny silver hair and scruffy beard. He comes from his mediation seeing two young being sleeping. A young girl made of fire and a young boy made of stars.



~ The Will is fire that always burns~

Elra waking up in Celestia to see the massive being Elomni who taught her how to create with her thoughts. She sat with Elomni and mediated for billion years. She awakens  a mature red fire woman with orange hair. She is in a dream world of sunshine beautiful crystal clear waters and tropical islands.  There she is welcomed by tribal people with bronze skin and orange hair. They worship as Goddess and she blessed them the grace over all fire.

The dream world is Eden. The people are called The Raan. 



Waking up after Elra he would see them as massive being in deep meditation. Elra attacks Elstar incinerating him. he just regenerates back to form.  Elra teaches him how to use his thoughts to create. He too mediates for billion years.  he wakes up in strange jungle dream world with purple skies and orange rivers. He greeted by blue-skinned people that seem to have advanced science. They worship as an idol. he blessed them with foresight and power over the stars. This dream world is Galatos and the people are Starnin.


The Cosmos would be created by Elstar and Starnin technology



waking up in Galatos Elmoon is a woman made of asteroids. for 1000 years she attacks and torments the Starnin people for trying to cultivate her resting place underground. The people consider her an evil god and send telepathic signals to Elstar. Elstar confronts Elmoon. after a 10year brawl..Elmon confess that she didn’t that they needed the mineral compound in her resting stop to further make remedies for healing  Elmoon make peace with Startnin who still fear her. She is taken to Clessitra by Elstar.. she mediates.. she wakes up in a world of endless moons and melted clocks.  She greeted a by pale white people with purple eyes. They are dressed in metallic suits. the just mediate. and speak telepathically.   The people are Norm, and this dream world is Noon 


These people have great psychic powers and control of dreams.

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